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  • 2.
    Per Edward Gustafssons autograf- och handskriftssamling
    Gustafsson, Per Edward, landskanslist, kommissionär vid länsstyrelsen i Vänersborg, 1893-1966 (collector)
    notes, letter (including drafts), manuscript 1000 f. Kr.--1966 - 100 volumes
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 3.
    Erik Wallers autografsamling
    Waller, Erik, läkare, 1875-1955 (collector)
    letter (including drafts), manuscript, notes, financial documents 1300-1955 - ca 35 shelf meters
    Waller Ms
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 5.
    Manuscript sine anno Aldo Manuzio
    Manuzio, Aldo, ca 1450-1515 (author)
    Sine anno et loco
    Waller Ms it-00634 Waller - Italian Collection
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 7.
    Flavii Philostrati de vitis sophistarum libri duo, Antonio Bomfino interprete. Cvm gratia et priuilegio imperiali, ad sexennium
    Filostratos, Flavius, d.ä., 170-245 (author)
    Bonfini, Antonio, ca 1427-ca 1503 (translator)
    Gerbel, Nikolaus, 1485-1560 (editor)
    Schürer (printer)
    Bibliotheca Varmiensis [Frauenburg/Frombork] (former owner)
    Copernicana 18 (4)
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 8.
    Plutarchi Cheronei de philosophorum placitis libellus elegantissimus, interprete Guilielmo Budeo
    Plutarchos, ca 46-ca 120 (author)
    Budé, Guillaume, 1468-1540 (translator)
    Lefèvre d'Étaples, Jacques, ca 1450-1536 (editor)
    Schürer (printer)
    Bibliotheca Varmiensis [Frauenburg/Frombork] (former owner)
    Copernicana 18 (5)
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 9.
    Compendivm octo orationis partivm et aliorvm quorvndam necessariorvm editvm a Constantino Lascari Byzantio
    Lascaris, Constantin, 1468-1558 (author)
    Johannes Placentinus (translator)
    Accursius (printer)
    Ink. 35b:42 Fol. min.
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 10.
    Peri tēs andreias diaskepsis ... Errikou Ausiou ... Sbēnōn Stehen
    Ausius, Henrik, 1603-1659 (author)
    Stehen, Sven (dissertant)
    Mathiæ (printer)
    thesis [1650]
    Sv. Diss. Ups. 4:o Præs. Ausius 1 1643-52
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek

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