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Compendivm Petri Pitati Veronensis in academia philarmonica mathesim profitentis, super annua solaris, atque lunaris anni quantitate, paschalis item solennitatis iuxta veteres ecclesiæ canones recognitione, Romaniq́; calendarii instauratione, deq́; vero passionis dominicæ die; ortv qvoqve, et occasv stellarvm fixarvm, in tres divisvm tractatus. Opus tum Christianę reip. tum chronographiæ, ac mathematicæ studiosis vtilissimum, nunc recens in lucem editum. Cuius quidem compendii contenta versa pagina indicabit ; Prvtenicæ tabvlæ coelestivm motvvm avtore Erasmo Reinholdo

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