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Académie. Saint-Pétersbourg



[Rossijskaâ Akademiâ Nauk] (Russian Academy of Sciences) [The Academy was founded on 1724, January 28 in the Julian calendar, that is, on 1724, February 8 in the modern (Gregorian) calendar. It has had the following sequence of names: (1) Императорская Академия Наук и Художеств в Санкт-Петербурге [Imperatorskaâ Akademiâ Nauk i Hudožestv v Sankt-Peterburge]; (2) Императорская Академия Наук [Imperatorskaâ Akademiâ Nauk]; (3) Императорская Санкт-Петербургская Академия Наук [Imperatorskaâ Sankt-Peterburgskaâ Akademiâ Nauk]; (4) Российская Академия Наук [Rossijskaâ Akademiâ Nauk]; (5) Академия Наук СССР [Akademiâ Nauk SSSR]; and (6) Российская Академия Наук [Rossijskaâ Akademiâ Nauk].]


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