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  • 31.
    Johannis Seldeni Angli liber de nummis. In qvo antiqua pecunia Romana & Græca metitur precio ejus, quæ nunc est in usu. Hiuc [sic] accedit bibliotheca nummaria, sive elenchus auctorum
    Sardi, Alessandro, 1520-1588 (author)
    Selden, John, 1584-1654 (other)
    Labbe, Philippe, 1607-1667 (other)
    Schröder, Johan Henrik, 1791-1857 (former owner)
    Fleming, Claes Adolph, 1771-1831 (former owner)
    Pitt (publisher)
    Utl. Numismatik, Forntiden
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 32.
    Johann Andreas von Düwens' Stammbuch
    Düwens, Johann Andreas von, -1716 (former owner)
    album amicorum 1679-1709
    Y 39
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
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    • 13. Bonde, Carl Christersson
      Bonde, Carl Christersson, 1656-1689 (author)
      1686-05-24 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
    • 12. Sommer, Johann Esaia
      Sommer, Johann Esaia, fl. 1685 (author)
      1685-04-05 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 34.
    Optica promota, seu, abdita radiorum reflexorum & refractorum mysteria, geometrice enucleata; cui subnectitur appendix, subtilissimorum astronomiæ problemato?n resolutionem exhibens. Authore Jacobo Gregorio, Abredonensi Scoto
    Gregory, James, 1638-1675 (author)
    Spole, Anders, 1630-1699 (former owner)
    Hayes (printer)
    Thompson (publisher)
    Obr. Qq.363
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 35.
    Bokband. Ioannis Stvrmii de imitatione oratoria libri tres, cum scholis eiusdem authoris, antea nunquam in lucem editi. Cum gratia Cæsarea
    Lohe, Dietrich vom, d. 1590 (binder)
    bookbinding samtida band, 1574-1605? Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 37.
    Practical navigation, or, An introduction to the whole art. Containing many useful and geometrical definitions and problems ... The second edition, enlarged. By John Seller, hydrographer to the king
    Seller, John, fl. 1658-1698 (author)
    White, R. (engraver)
    Siöblad, Erick C., 1647-1725 (former owner)
    Darby (printer)
    Wingfield (publisher)
    Obr. Qq:266
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 38.
    Ägaranteckning (Erick C. Siöblad), monogram (E C S), förvärvsdatum (03-10-1673), förvärvsplats (London), teckningar
    Siöblad, Erick C., 1647-1725 (former owner)
    provenance evidence, manuscript annotations/marginalia, owner’s mark, purchase information 1673 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 39.
    Tēs Kainēs Diathēkēs apanta. Novi Testamenti libri omnes. Accesserunt parallela scripturæ loca, nec non variantes lectiones ex plus 100 mss. codicibus, et antiquis versionibus collectæ
    Ferber, Erdmann Wilhelm, 1719-1793 (former owner)
    Theatrum Sheldonianum (printer)
    Bokband 1700-t. Tyskland 9
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek

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