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  • 1.
    Album amicorum of Christian Poulsen Noviomagus (Christianus Pauli Noviomagus)
    Reusner, Nikolaus, 1545-1602 (author)
    Noviomagus, Christianus Pauli, -1613 (former owner)
    album amicorum 1588-1608 Universitetsbiblioteket, Lunds universitet
  • 2.
    Album amicorum of Michael Ast (Michael Astius)
    Ast, Michael (former owner)
    album amicorum 1630-1677 Universitetsbiblioteket, Lunds universitet
  • 3.
    Daniel Stoltzius von Stoltzenbergs Stammbuch
    Stoltzius von Stoltzenberg, Daniel, född 1597 el. 1599, död efter 1644. (former owner)
    album amicorum 1622-1628
    Y 132 d
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
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    • 82. Grzybowsky, Johannes
      Grzybowsky, Johannes, fl. 1623-1624 (author)
      Kochanowski, Jan, 1530-1584 (associated name)
      1624-01-20 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 4.
    Egbert Verhoeves Stammbuch
    Verhoeve, Egbert, -1618 (former owner)
    album amicorum 1602-1605
    Y 146
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
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    • 17. Favières, Pierre de
      Favières, Pierre de, fl. 1604-1606 (author)
      1604-09-10 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 5.
    Johann Bernhard Winterbachs Stammbuch
    Winterbach, Johann Bernhard, 1664-1695 (former owner)
    album amicorum 1682-1693
    Y 147
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
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    • 6. Patin, Charles
      Patin, Charles, 1633-1693 (author)
      Ulpianus, Gnaeus Domitius Annius Ulpianus, fl. 211-222 (associated name)
      Martialis, Marcus Valerius, 40-102 (associated name)
      Molière, 1622-1673 (associated name)
      2686-02-01 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
    • 23. Conrad, Johann Georg
      Conrad, Johann Georg, fl. 1681-1683 (author)
      1683-12-11 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 6.
    Vita di Esopo Frigio, prudente, & faceto fauolatore tradotta dal Sig. Conte Giulio Landi alquale de nuouo sono aggiunte le Fauole del medesimo Esopo, con molte altre d'alcuni eleuati ingegni, ascendenti alla somma di 400. Hora in gratia della studiosa giouentù illustrate con l'interpretatione, & figure, & in questa vltima impressione diligentemente reuiste, & corrette. Con licentia de' superiori
    Planudes, Maximos, ca 1260-1310 (author)
    Aisopos, 500-talet f.Kr (author)
    Landi, Giulio, 1500-1579 (translator)
    Dahlbergh, Erik, 1625-1703 (former owner)
    Sundell, Ol. (former owner)
    Righettini (printer)
    script. Graeci [Aesopus] 23
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 7.
    Album amicorum of Daniel Hermann
    Hermann, Daniel, ca 1543-1601 (former owner)
    album amicorum 1567-1589 Universitetsbiblioteket, Lunds universitet
  • 8.
    Album amicorum of Lars Andreas Palm
    Palm, Lars Andreas, 1769-1826 (former owner)
    album amicorum 1790-1808 Universitetsbiblioteket, Lunds universitet
  • 9.
    Erik Wallers autografsamling
    Waller, Erik, läkare, 1875-1955 (collector)
    letter (including drafts), manuscript, notes, financial documents 1300-1955 - ca 35 shelf meters
    Waller Ms
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek

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