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  • 1.
    Album amicorum
    Bower, Paulus (author)
    album amicorum 1639
    Waller Ms amic-00033 Waller - Album amicorum Collection
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 2.
    Letter 1703-04-30, Paris
    Fantini, Giuseppe (author)
    Baglivi, Giorgio, 1668-1707 (addressee)
    Trionfetti, Giovanni Battista, 1635-1707 (associated name)
    Andry, Nicolas de Bois Regard, 1658-1742 (associated name)
    letter 1703-04-30
    Waller Ms Bagl-00139 Waller - Baglivi Collection
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 3.
    Letter 1926-03-08, Paris
    Roederer, Carle (author)
    Putti, Vittorio, 1880-1940 (associated name)
    letter 1926-03-08
    Waller Ms fr-08025 Waller - French Collection
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 4.
    Letter 1671-12-24, Paris
    Cassini, Jean-Dominique, 1625-1712 (author)
    Picard, Jean, 1620-1682 (addressee)
    Brahe, Tycho, 1546-1601 (associated name)
    letter 1671-12-24
    Waller Ms fr-01662 Waller - French Collection
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 5.
    Letter 1904-10-14, Paris
    Fano, Giulio, 1856-1930 (author)
    letter 1904-10-14
    Waller Ms it-00426 Waller - Italian Collection
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 6.
    Letter 1829-04-24, Paris
    Pitaro, Antonio, 1774-1832 (author)
    Julia de Fontenelle, Jean-Sébastien-Eugène, 1790-1842 (addressee)
    letter 1829-04-29
    Waller Ms it-00897 Waller - Italian Collection
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 7.
    Letter 1817-05-01, Paris
    Visconti, Ennio Quirino, 1751-1818 (author)
    letter 1817-05-01
    Waller Ms it-01171 Waller - Italian Collection
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 8.
    Lettre de monsieur Huet à monsieur de Segrais de l'origine des romans. Seconde edition
    Huet, Pierre Daniel, 1630-1721 (author)
    Segrais, Jean Regnault de, 1624-1701 (addressee)
    Mabre-Cramoisy (printer)
    letter 1678
    Litteraturhist. allm.
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 9.
    Histoire des révolutions de Florence sous les Médicis. Ouvrage traduit du Toscan de Benedetto Varchi. Par M. Requier. Tome premier
    Varchi, Benedetto, 1503-1565 (author)
    Requier, Jean-Baptiste, 1715-1799 (translator)
    Lovisa Ulrika, drottning av Sverige, 1720-1782 (former owner)
    Hallenberg, Jonas, 1748-1834 (former owner)
    Musier (publisher)
    De Hansy (publisher)
    Durand (publisher)
    Panckoucke (publisher)
    Bokband 1700-t. Sverige 6 a
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 10.
    Letter 1837-03-28, Paris
    Mojon, Benedetto, 1784-1849 (author)
    De Filippi, Giuseppe, 1782-1856 (addressee)
    Cloquet, Hippolyte, 1787-1840 (associated name)
    letter 1837-03-28
    Waller Ms it-01240 Waller - Italian Collection
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek

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