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  • 1.
    Instructions for the warres. Amply, learnedly, and politiquely, discoursing the method of militarie discipline. Originally written in French by that rare and worthy generall, monsieur William de Bellay, Lord of Langey, Knight of the order of Fraunce, and the Kings lieutenant in Thurin. Translated by Paule Iue, Gent
    Fourquevaux, Raymond de Rouer, baron de, 1508-1574 (author)
    Du Bellay, Guillaume, 1491-1543 (attributed name)
    Ive, Paul, fl. 1589 (translator)
    Man (publisher)
    Cooke (publisher)
    Orwin (printer)
    Bokband 1600-t. Sverige 10 a
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
  • 2.
    Henrik Frankelins Stammbuch
    Frankelin, Henrik, -1610 (former owner)
    album amicorum 1582-1610
    Y 52
    Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
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    • 39. Homodeus, Theophilus
      Homodeus, Theophilus, 1550-1629 (author)
      1591-06-08 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
    • 110. Cardoini, Camillo
      Cardoini, Camillo, fl. 1584-1639 (author)
      1591-07-19 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
    • 61. Cowett, John
      Cowett, John, 1554-1611 (author)
      1591-07-19 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
    • 72. Dethick, William
      Dethick, William, 1543-1612 (author)
      1591-07-20 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
    • 234. Van Heile, Petrus
      Van Heile, Petrus, fl. 1591-1599 (author)
      1591-06-13 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek
    • 284. Jönsson, Söffring
      Jönsson, Söffring, fl. 1590-1608 (author)
      1591-06-23 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek

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